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Anno 1800

Anno 1800 can be considered as my main project during my time with Ubisoft Bluebyte.

I was responsible for the communication with the team in Mainz, setting up all implementation features, together with the programming department in Mainz, create Sound Design for all aspects of the game, take care of the music system, developing a Voice Over Workflow and maintain this systems. I was taking care of part the audio-production side of things as well.

During this time I had the chance to create a video to provide Anno fans with a small overview on how audio implementation is working in Anno 1800. Even tough this video provides a good overview of our work, please keep in mind that this video was created for fans and not for audio professionals only. The article was featured on the Anno-Union page, a link can be found here:

I have also linked the video here, in case you are interested:


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